Please find attached a break down of Y11 results by subject for 2014/15.


Download this file (Y11 GCSE results by subject.pdf)Y11 GCSE results by subject.pdf[ ]41 kB

Purpose and the task itself:

u  To develop students’ resilience and independent study skills

u  Allows parents to support their children with developing important key skills

u  Helps students develop the skills that they need to succeed later on in their school careers

Students will be set 12 different tasks that all link to developing a theme park from scratch. All subject areas have set a task that links into this theme.  Students have 11 weeks to complete all of the tasks.

The project was launched during the 3rd week of Term 1 and the deadline is Wednesday 9th December. Students are encouraged to be as creative as possible and produce all kinds of work from models/posters/art through to live music and drama performances alongside scientific research and mathematical tasks.

Each of the tasks carries a points value and students will also be credited with handing work in early and showing excellent organisation and communication skills, as well as being as creative and original as possible with their ideas. The teams with the highest points scores will win an all-expenses paid pass on the end of year trip.


For more information and to see the tasks that have been set please download the Y7 Extended Learning Project Task Booklet. If you would like to discuss the project further, please contact Mr Hackshaw on the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



2015 has been a historic year for Ralph Thoresby School. With the recognition by Ofsted that Ralph Thoresby is a ‘good school’, our best ever Post-16 results and the exciting news that our students bucked the national trend and achieved more A* results than ever before, it is easy to see why more families are choosing the school as the school in which their children can excel.


Saturday 26th of September saw us throwing open our days to hundreds of families who were eager to find out the amazing opportunities our students enjoy.


Every department was alive with scores of Key Stage pupils experiencing the outstanding facilities that our own students enjoy on a daily basis.


In the science department, for example, students tested pH levels, discovered starch and sugar content, explored biology through dissection and even had the chance to (safely) set fire to their hands. Food technology students learned how to make healthy pizzas, artists painted mini-portraits and in maths, children were using technology in a challenging quiz.


Families were given an ‘access all areas’ pass to see our impressive sports and recreation facilities, world-class performance spaced and were also provided tasty lunchtime snacks by our catering team from Chartwell’s.


Perhaps most importantly, parents and students heard in one of our presentations of our continued drive for exceptional change. They heard from headteacher, Will Carr, about the initiatives that are helping all of our community to achieve the highest standards. Head Boy, Shoaib Hussain and Head Girl, Emma Boyes, were proud to explain the changes that have helped them to take part in a multitude of extra-curricular activities, study-enhancing trips and the chances to chances to achieve their highly ambitious university plans.


At the end of the event, one parent put it simply, ‘It’s clear that [your] students are successful, but more importantly they are happy, their confident and they want to be here.’


Associate Assistant Headteacher, Stewart McGill, helped to organise the event and added, ‘It was pleasing to see young people engaging in the fantastic facilities we have at Ralph Thoresby. However, choosing the right high school is one of the most important decisions a family will take. Our Open Day is just one of our opportunities to see the school and we would encourage all families to visit us on a normal working day. Feel free to contact me at school or via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to arrange a personal tour. ‘

Leeds City Council has developed a YouTube video offering a step by step guide to completing the online admissions application form for year 7 places in September 2016. The video is designed to help parents through the application process. Please see the link below.




GCSE Launch and ReviseWise Night


Thursday 17th September 2015



Resource market on The Street

English maths and Science presentaions

ReviseWise presentations

Y10 students & parents/ carers




Y11 students & parents/ carers


Not available for Y11









Resource market on the Street

We will have subject stalls available on The Street. Here you will be able to talk to subject specialists about courses and purchase or order revision materials. A price list for revision materials can be viewed by clicking here for Y10 and here for Y11. Light refreshments will also be available.

English maths and Science presentations 6.00 – 6.30 (Y10 only)

At 6.00 there will be a short presentation in the theatre, where we will talk about GCSE courses in English, maths and science.

ReviseWise Night: 6.30-7.45

The ReviseWise event (for Year 10 and Year 11 students) will run in the theatre from 6.30-7.45. We will inform you about strategies for how to revise, how to plan and manage revision and how to ensure that revision and exam preparation is useful and not overly stressful. Strategies will be presented by staff from a range of subjects and by students who used revision strategies successfully in Year 11.




A bigger number of students than ever before are celebrating with A* qualifications at Ralph Thoresby School, with almost three dozen students achieving at least one of the coveted grades following the release of their GCSE results. 


The students’ successes reflects the culture of ‘Ambition and Achievement for All’ that underpins everything that is done at Ralph Thoresby, which was recently graded ‘Good’ by Ofsted. Pleasingly, a growing number of students from every background are benefiting from the highest standards of education, with almost 20% of students in receipt of the Pupil Premium achieving at least one top grade. 


Two students with every reason to celebrate were Nida Naqvi and Samia Hajji, who graduate their Key Stage 4 studies with 9 A* grades each. Their study programmes have been carefully planned to stretch and challenge them and both will go on to Ralph Thoresby Sixth Form armed with study skills that place them ahead of their peers across the city. 


Ralph Thoresby Maths Department built on its success as being the only school in the city to achieve the A-Distinction Grade in the challenging ‘Further Maths’ course in 2014. This year, Samia’s mathematical flare was rewarded with the ‘super-grade’, which is reserved for just a handful of students nationally. Almost a third of students achieved a grade A or higher on the course, two times better than the national average on this qualification, which is designed to emulate the rigour of A-Level maths and stretch the most able through complex problem-solving questions. 


Nida explains that there as high expectation for everyone, ‘I’ve received a huge amount of support throughout my time. I was given help during the challenge of GCSEs, which has helped me to achieve and exceed my targets..’ 


These students are just some of the many who will join Ralph Thoresby Sixth Form in September. Preparation is well under way for capitalising on their enviable portfolio of results. Assistant headteacher, Stewart McGill commented, ‘Hard work in GCSE really pays off for our students. Outstanding relationships with university partners means that our students are exploring opportunities at the very best of institutions. We have a growing number of students applying for Oxbridge degrees and to the best medicine, law and architecture courses.’ 


Headteacher, Will Carr, is optimistic for the continued trend of students achieving top grades, adding, 'we have worked hard to support the progress of our most able students and these results prove that students from Ralph Thoresby are amongst the brightest and most successful in the city.'


Congratulations to our Year 13 students who have achieved another fantastic set of A Level and equivalent results this year.

An impressive 61% of individual subject results awarded to Ralph Thoresby students were at A*-A grade this year which represents an increase of 23 percentage points since 2012. 71% of grades were at B or higher which is also up on previous years and, for the second year running, we had a 100% pass rate. 92% of students achieved 3 or more A Levels or equivalent qualifications.

While the overall results are important and it is great to see such impressive statistics, the most important thing where Key Stage 5 results are concerned is how well students have done in terms of securing places in higher education or on apprenticeships. I'm delighted to report that, once again, 100% of applicants were successful in gaining places at higher education with a number of students also successful in progressing to high level apprenticeship schemes.

When the comparative value added data is released I have no doubt these results will again compare favourably with other providers in the city.

There has never been a better time to join Ralph Thoresby Sixth Form and we're looking forward to welcoming our new Year 12 in September.

Years of hard work, months of revision and hours of responding well to the pressure of exams and final deadlines have paid off for our talented and tenacious Y13 students.


For one final time, our recent leavers entered the school to pick up their long-awaited results and The Street was awash with jubilant students who are ready to embark on the next stages in their exciting learning journeys.


The students had every reason to celebrate, with three in every five qualifications being graded at A*/A or equivalent. Over 70% of results were B or higher. Pleasingly, students across the excellent course selection secured even more points overall than in 2013 and 2014, showing the high level of support and challenge being provided by all A-Level teachers.


Whilst dozens of our alumni will be heading off to study at some of the country’s best universities, others have benefited from the exceptional support of our careers guidance and will begin Higher Apprenticeships in the coming weeks.


As students reflected on 7 successful years, all were able to contrast the robust academic and pastoral support Ralph Thoresby has provided with the fulfilling opportunities, excursions and extra-curricular provision that will make them stand out as fully-rounded and active members of our community.


Ralph Thoresby School is delighted to see that the high levels of aspiration we have for our students has translated to an increasing number of students exceeding their target grades. Students of English, Geography, Economics and Business, Law, Photography, Sociology, ICT, Health and Social Care and Applied Science were among those celebrating results that surpassed our high expectations.


Lauren Wharam’s exceptional results of a triple starred Distinction in her Health and Social Care studies, paired with outstanding Grade Bs in both English and Sociology A-Level are testament to her hard work, but also evidence the creative, purposeful and idiosyncratic study programmes that are designed to ensure that every student can flourish. She will begin Higher Education in September.


Rebecca Raven was also jumping for joy after securing 2 As and a B in English, History and Sociology. This purely academic Study Programme has helped Rebecca to develop a diverse skillset to prepare her for her upcoming university studies at Sheffield. Rebecca commented, ‘I am really proud to have achieved these results. It would not have been possible without the amazing support teachers provided whilst at Ralph Thoresby. It’s great that the hard work has paid off…and that I won’t be stooped over a revision desk for a little while to come.’


It was a similarly positive for many of our Year 12 students, who will go into their final year at school with an exceptional portfolio of results. The intensive support for the many students seeking to study at universities including Oxford and Cambridge and courses which include Medicine and Law will continue as the 2016 UCAS season begins in September.


It is without doubt that there has never been a better time to join Ralph Thoresby Sixth Form and incoming Y12 students will look forward to the biggest offer of courses in the school’s history as a result of our innovative Sixth Form partnership with Lawnswood School.


Parents of current Year 11 students both at Ralph Thoresby and beyond are warmly invited to discover the life-changing opportunities open to our Post-16 learners at our Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 22nd October (18:00-22:30).


Following the advice to schools of the increases planned by the Catering Agency with effect fromSeptember 2015, I am to informing  you of the increase to the PFI Meal Charges. Please note theseare the charges to be made at till point.

Pupil meals are to increase by 2p, adult meals by 2p and Nursery meals by 1p. The new amounts are shown below:

Paying Adults (teachers, visitors etc.)                             £2.80 (£2.33 + 47p VAT)

Students on Teaching Practice                                       £2.33

Secondary Pupils                                                         £2.23

Nursery Meals                                                             £1.41

Primary School Pupils up to Year 4 Incl.                          £2.03

Primary School pupils in Year 5 & 6                               £2.08


Providing our students with the opportunity to improve the way we do things at RTS has always been a strength, however, the introduction of 'Student Leaders' and 'Senior Student Leaders' will provide the unique opportunity for learners from across the school to have a direct bearing on school policies.


The 20-strong team will be led by the newly appointed head boy and girl, who were appointed following a challenging selection process in which we questioned them on leadership, managing change and developing a charity strategy.


Shoaib Hussain and Emma Boyes were selected and have already begun their responsibilities. Congratulations to them both.


Head Boy

My name is Shoaib Hussain and I'm Ralph Thoresby's newly appointed Head Boy. I'm currently studying maths, chemistry, biology and economics and hope to study medicine at university. I hope to bring about change with the role and will utilise my leadership skills to ensure the Head Boy/Girl and Prefect system is utilised as effectively as possible.


Throughout the year I've taken part in various schemes such as Academic Mentoring and Leap Enterprise. I get great satisfaction from enhancing the learning of others and hope to effectively apply the leadership skills I've developed from my Academic Mentoring, to the role of a Head Boy. Acting as the Financial Director for our clothing Company - Sen, has given me the opportunity to take a leadership position at various points throughout the course of the Young Enterprise programme. When I've been a group leader, I have always ensured tasks are fairly delegated to each team member and that they feel comfortable in what they're doing. I feel that this, paired with good communication, leads to a very effective team. I hope to apply the skills I've developed to the Prefect system to create an efficient and organised team.


One of my top priorities in the next academic year will be to encourage all year groups to contribute to charity events such as Comic Relief. I hope to increase the money raised last year by at least 20% with new and innovative fundraising ideas from pupils of all ages! At Ralph Thoresby, I believe every student has the right to access resources and opportunities that will enhance their future. I feel that working closely with pupils from all year groups will help us as a school to provide equal opportunities for all.


Head Girl


Hello, my name is Emma and I am head girl at Ralph Thoresby. I am currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Drama at A level. As a subject I enjoy, I hope to study Mathematics at university. I have been highly involved with the opportunities available to me throughout my time at this school, and am currently taking part in the Realising

Opportunities scheme; a programme that will help me throughout the transition to university with subject specific workshops and sessions.


I have also performed in many productions at school, including the annual school

shows and various other drama performances. I’ve been highly involved with Music and PE departments during my time here, being part of the school’s ‘Funk band’ and completing both Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver. I also have many interests outside of school, including climbing, bouldering and a part time job.


I would describe myself as outgoing, passionate and hard working. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ralph Thoresby, and am willing to strive to ensure everybody feels the way I do. I believe the school has a lot of potential and, with so many positive changes occurring recently, would love to give my whole hearted support, using whatever skills I have, to help develop Ralph Thoresby School, and each individual in it to become ‘outstanding’.

Results can be collected on the following days:

Thursday 13th August AS and A Level results will be available from 10.00 am

Thursday 20th August GCSE results will be available from 10.00 am


What a student should do if they are unable to pick up their results.


If you want a third party to pick the results up, this person would need to bring a note from the student giving me permission to give the results to the third party, the person would have to be named in the note and they would have to bring some photo ID with them.


Please find attached a letter regarding the arrangements for the end of the current term and start of the Autumn term.

School caretaker Brian Booth will be running in the Jane Tomlinson 10k in Leeds on 12/07/15 in the hope of raising money for the Sue Ryder organisation. Brian's motivation for taking part in the event is to help raise funds for the charity that supported his close friend, John Jones. 

This is the 2nd year Brian has took part in the event and he will be hoping to beat his time last year which was 1 hour and 29 minutes.

If you wish to sponsor Brian as he attempts to raise money for Sue Ryder, please click here.

The Prevent Tragedies website was created because of the increasing concern about the worrying numbers of young people who are putting themselves at risk by travelling to Syria and to help the numbers of families that have been torn apart by fear when their loved ones travel.

The website has contributions from women from communities, charities, public sector organisations and Government departments. They aim to work together to help keep our loved ones safe, to try and address the numerous issues and sign up to the resolution to Prevent Tragedies.

We want to appeal to family members to share their concerns so they can access the help and support they need to protect their loved ones.

I am delighted to announce that we are now officially a 'GOOD' school. This is fantastic news for the entire school community and reflects the incredible amount of hard work we have all put in over the last two years.
Follow the links below to read my letter to parents, the Ofsted report in full and a special edition of the Spotlight newsletter.