Ahead of formal exams in summer 2018, Year 12 students are undertaking a regular programme of assessment to ensure that they have the skills required to be successful under exam conditions..


An important part of this programme is the official mock exams, which will reflect on the content of A level content undertaken so far. Exams will take place between Monday 19th and Friday 23rd June 2017.


Exam Timetable

To support forward planning, the exam timetable is published below. This will be useful for students to begin to plan the extensive private study and revision that should be undertaken ahead of the exams.


Exam Revision

Students will work with mentors in the coming weeks to plan a revision timetable. We would expect students to undertake between 12 and 16 hours of private study per week to maximise their potential.


Applications for Study Leave

All lessons and study periods will run during this period. No study leave will be offered for students taking vocational qualifications, whose portfolio work will be developed over this week.


Students on the Academic Pathway (all A levels) may apply for study leave, comprising two day’s leave on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th June. Successful applicants may be off-site at any time when they do not have exams during their exam week.


In order to apply for study leave, students must provide information to Mr. Stubbs by 14:50 on Friday 26th May. Late applications will not be considered.


* A signed permission slip (provided to students in school)

* A copy of their revision timetable

* A short letter (100-200 words) explaining plans for the use of that time.


Applications will be reviewed alongside comments from teaching staff and permissions will be granted in the week commencing 5th June.


Students without Study Leave

All remaining students will be expected to be in school between 08:35 and 14:50 on all school days. Subject teachers will deliver content.


Exam results

Results will be distributed by departments following the students’ return to school.


Focus on Your Future Week/Work Experience

Lessons will not be delivered during the weeks commencing 26th June and 3rd July. A full and comprehensive schedule for the first week will be posted to you in due course and participation is compulsory. The second week (3rd-7th July) will be the week of compulsory work experience.


Return to Lessons

All lessons will resume on 10th July. Full attendance is expected until we break for the summer holidays on 21st July.

Please contact Stewart McGill at at school or via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with questions surrounding this important provision.