Business team sweeps to victory at annual LEAP Awards

After an exciting year of enterprise, Qualitees Clothing and Aurum Jewellery flew the flag for Ralph Thoresby and ensured they were well-represented on the winner’s role at the 2017 LEAP Awards Final. 


The event, held at Woodhouse Grove School, is the culmination of the extensive work that more than 30 business teams from across 16 schools. At a glittering award ceremony, featuring a keynote speech from Jeremy Ambrose of ‘Entrepreneurial Spark’, the 16 awards were presented. 


Aurum were recognised with awards for their innovative logo, social media and business report. Qualitees Clothing accepted awards in five categories: 


-Best Presentation in the Competition 

-Best Trade Stand 

-Best Media Awareness 

-Best Marketing 

-LEAP Business of the Year 


The night began with a networking reception attended by some of the city’s top entrepreneurs and media agencies. Whilst guests were enjoying the entertainment, both of our businesses were busy showing off their impressive work at a special ‘Trade Fayre’. 


The main event was the two-hour award show. Qualitees had been selected to present to the large audience as a result of the exceptional performance they had given earlier on in the competition. The powerful talk showed off the enterprise, initiative and organisation skills that students at Ralph Thoresby School are able to develop. 


The team, led by Managing Director Beth Bracewell, comprised Katie Wakefield, Lauren Pearson, Dom Wood, Aimee Robinson, Emily Dewhurst and Jess Fisher. In their talk, they discussed impressive financial records, troublesome suppliers and a brand that they have developed a real love for. 


Assistant Headteacher, Stewart McGill, noted the impressive achievements of the students. He added, ‘Once again, our students are demonstrating exceptional entrepreneurial spirit. The experience is one that has given our students confidence and helped them to develop skills that every employer searches for. 


‘Students at Ralph Thoresby’s innovative Sixth Form can look forward to amazing opportunities like this one as they prepare to take bold steps into exciting futures.’