Following on from the smashing time we had on this years ski trip,  we are launching our 2016 ski trip to Aosta, Italy. The dates of travel are Saturday 2nd of April until Sunday 11th of April. This is the first week of the Easter holidays.

Departing on the Saturday afternoon it’s a coach trip overnight via Dover to Aosta, arriving around lunchtime on Sunday. After a quick trip to ski hire to sort equipment its off to the hotel to unwind and rest for the week ahead. From Monday until Saturday students will have 4 hours of ski lessons a day with fully qualified instructors. These are normally from 9.30 until 2.30 every day. Our evenings will be spent doing après ski activities such as pizza evening, bowling, disco and presentation evening. On Saturday after our evening meal we will set off home to arrive around lunch time on Sunday.

The prices for this years trip are £920 for skiers and £960 for snowboarders. If you are interested in what our trip looks like have a look at our promotional video. Follow the link to download the leter and reply slip.


Shane McLeer

Ski Trip Organiser

Download this file (SHANE MCLEER 1.doc)Ski Trip 2016 letter[ ]758 kB

This is a famous saying in Denmark where the weather is notoriously changeable, wet and often cold but  sometimes warm and sunny. The Danes are famous for venturing outside whatever  the weather . Ralph Thoresby is one of the highest altitude schools in Leeds and we often experience cold weather in the winter as well as the more pleasant  sunny days in spring and summer. For the Physical Education department, we need to make sure all our learners can achieve their best performances rain or shine.  We have designed a range of kit so that our students can be comfortable and look great whatever the conditions.

 Choosing your kit

Managing the conditions requires you to “layer up” using a number of items of clothing that can be taken off or put on as required. Although at the start of lessons we feel cold, once we begin to run around the body soon warms up. At this point it is better to remove some layers. We have t shirts for both boys and girls for the warmest days and indoor activities. For additional comfort we also include a long sleeved sports top and a toasty warm fleece all with the school logo on. We even have a windproof and shower proof lightweight jacket  As a school we always expect students who are doing P.E. to wear the correct kit and look professional when they are taking part in sport just as we expect see our sporting heroes  in stadiums representing their teams. 

What not to wear.

We work hard to maintain the health and safety of students when they are in our care and follow national guidelines insisting students remove jewellery when taking part in lessons. We also prefer student to have trainers that support and protect their feet properly rather than pumps or other “leisure” shoes and do not allow hoods , coats and scarves to be worn.

If kit is bought slightly oversized at the start of year 7 it can last for most of key stage three. This makes the cost reasonable when spread over a number of years. Writing names in kit also means that it will more than likely come back when lost or mislaid.

The Physical Education Department