I really enjoyed the trip to Berlin. I learnt a lot about the Cold War and the Berlin Wall. It was my first trip abroad and I really enjoyed it. The TV Tower was my favourite, because the view looking down on Berlin was really pretty and it was interesting to read about all the places there with historical significance.

Fay Year 10


Berlin was the best trip that I have been on throughout my other High School Years. It is jam packed with loads of activities. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we ate out buffet meal and then went out. We visited the Reichstag, the home of the German Government and walked round the Dome with headphones listening to facts.  We did this at night which made the views prettier. We also went up the TV Tower the next night. Throughout the trip we travelled on trains and subways. This was my first time on a train so it was a new experience.


We visited Checkpoint Charlie and the museum. The Teachers were amazing and got involved in laughs and jokes with the kids. I would recommend this trip to anyone doing history because it allows you to understand all the key events of that happened throughout Berlin in different perspectives. I would definitely like to go on this trip again.


Rebecca Year 10