On the 22nd May Year 10 took a trip out to Ripon to research Fountains Abbey’s history for our essential coursework that we are due to start. We spent the day wandering the land of Fountains Abbey and taking notes as our teachers informed us of the purpose of each part of the monastery and what the monks would do throughout the day. An interesting fact I learnt was that the Abbey covers 70 acres.

The whole year group really enjoyed this trip because it was very educational and to our surprise the sun came out! As a result of this we had the freedom to walk around the Abbey with our friends, snapping pictures and absorbing all the information about the monk’s lifestyle. For example, we learnt that Fountains Abbey is one of the largest and best preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England.

I can confidently say that every student learnt something new about the Abbey for their coursework and I would visit Fountains again in my free time with my family. To no surprise, the majority of students loved going to the gift shop in small groups to spend their money on souvenirs and treating themselves to ice cream. Overall, this history trip was a very fun day out to learn the essential facts for our coursework.