Summer term is a key time for decision making that can impact on future career choices. Over the past few weeks students have been asking, “What opportunities could a qualification in Art and Design lead to?”

The answer lies in the fact that now in the north we are seeing a surge in the creative industries, especially in the areas of Computer Games Design, Digital Art and Web Design. The Art Colleges and Universities are introducing new courses, which bridge the gap between science and art. The traditional options to study Architecture, Graphic Design, Product Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Interior, 3D and Furniture Design, Illustration, Film Making, Photography and Fine Art are still proving popular, and continue to provide creative students with entry into a variety of interesting and rewarding careers.

In year 9 the emphasis is on the development of drawing skills and independent research. In preparation for GCSE Art and Design the year 9 students have been creating their own Surreal portraits using a range of media and techniques. Many have made fantastic progress with their technical skills and have produced artwork already worthy of inclusion in their GCSE portfolios!

We have seen excellent results in our GCSE and A Levels with numerous students electing to study Art and Design up to Degree level and beyond! Ralph Thoresby students continue to uphold the  school’s good reputation for success in the field of the Arts.